Steve Gillie

Head Golf Professional
Lead Golf Instructor
PGA Member
847-428-5661 x3002

Teaching Philosophy:
It is my goal to provide a positive learning environment for every student I teach. I believe it is essential to adapt my knowledge of the game to golfers of different skill levels and ensure that they look forward to the next golf shot they strike.

Not all golfers were created equal, but there are certain key elements that golfers of all skill levels can use to improve the overall quality of their shots. Sound fundamentals of grip, stance, posture and alignment can help correct a vast majority of “swing flaws”. That combined with a deft touch from 100 yards and in will put any golfer on the path to lower scores.


Bob Mertel

Teaching Professional
Head Golf Professional at Bonnie Dundee Golf Club
PGA Member
847-428-5661 x3004

Teaching Philosophy:
Golf, like many other sports, attracts people from all different backgrounds and experience levels. I feel it is my duty as an instructor to be able to distinguish where a player stands and be flexible in my teaching approach. Progress is my objective for every lesson and this can best be accomplished by forming an individualized game plan for the student.

Much of the success a player has is based on their ability to repeat proper fundamentals. Working together on these fundamentals, we will form a foundation for the student to rely on and help gain and maintain confidence. Special attention must be given to the “short game” and “tee game” in order to create the ultimate goal: lower scores and overall enjoyment of the game!

Adam Gray

Assistant Golf Professional
PGA Member
847-428-5661 x3003

Teaching Philosophy:
It is my goal to provide each student with the fundamentals to make their game successful and make golf enjoyable. Since everyone learns differently it is important for me to understand how you learn and provide instruction that makes learning fun and enjoyable for you.

All swings are different and I will not teach one swing method. The basics of grip, posture, and alignment are a major focus and will help to correct many imperfections in the golf swing, especially in the beginning. It is important to be motivated and spend time working on your golf game in order to improve, but it is also important to remember not everyone is perfect and golf takes time to become better. Paying detailed attention to the short game will help to lower scores for every golfer.